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Diver Watches


The history of the dive watch began in 1926, when the first hermetically sealed case was patented. This revolutionary innovation created the first waterproof wristwatch ever made - the dive watch marked a major step forward. Now mankind could explore the underwater world while keeping track of time. 

In the years to come, dive watches were primarily used by navies for the ‘frogmen’ and in submariners. Military personnel gradually became more demanding of the dive watch’s features, which caused the dive watch to develop further, including luminescent material to light up hands and markers in dark surroundings. 

Dive watches gained increasing popularity through the 1950s and 60s, when several brands began to adopt the innovation of the dive watch into their commercial collections. To this day, the dive watch has become one of the most popular categories for watch buyers.  


Using a dive watch is straightforward. First you want to make sure the screw crown is properly sealed. This is done when the crown seals on the watch case. Otherwise the watch will not be water resistant. If you want to use the dive watch for diving, you also need to use the rotating bezel. Before embarking on your underwater adventures, align the 12 o’clock bezel marker with the minute hand. This allows the elapsed time, up to 60 minutes to be read on the bezel. 

Dive watches have a unidirectional bezel which ensures that if the bezel is accidentally moved - the time spent underwater would be indicated as longer than actually spent, securing the safety of your dive. When choosing a dive watch, you should especially consider the readability of the watch and its features. 


All dive watches are water resistant when the screw crown is properly sealed. Most dive watches have either 100 or 200 meters water resistance which makes them suitable for both swimming and diving. You may also come across the term - 10 ATM or 20 ATM tested - this refers to the amount of pressure a watch can withstand. 10 ATM is equivalent to 100 meters. At About Vintage we carry dive watches with resistances of either 100 or 200 meters. 

Dive watches are loved by many everyday users due to their functionality which allows its wearer to take a worry free dip or bathe wearing the watch. Even if you are not a diver yourself, the many functions of a dive watch still makes it a good choice for you.