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Mens watches - Your next mens watch

Are you looking for the best looking mens watches? We're always creating beautiful watches and timepieces that has classic features. 

Are you looking for classic womens watches? 
We offer a wide selection of womens watches with something for everybody. A womens watch with engraving is a unique and unforgettable gift. 

Colors & materials

Are you looking for a specific color of watches? Take a look in our collection of links below.

All black mens watches - Unique black watches
Looking for watches in all black? Look no further! We have a large collection of black watches that always will be in style. We have a large collection of black chronograph watches and automatics.

Gold watches - Find the perfect gold watch for you
Vintage gold looking watches? We have it all. A gold watch is a classic and timeless watch that can be dressed up or down. Take a look at our collection of gold watches here. 

Two toned watches - Find your next casual, two toned watch here
Two toned watches are often a combination of gold and steel, but we have a wide selection. Check out our two toned watches and other styles here.

Steel watches - A mens classic 
Steel is a material that can offer a wide array of looks for a watch. Brushed steel and polished steel give two completely different looks from the same material. Check out our selection of steel watches here. 

Watch types

Are you looking for a specific type or style of watch? We have you covered. Follow the links below to find the type of watch you are looking for. 

Chronograph watches - A timeless classic for keeping perfect time

Chronographs are one of the most classic choices for most men. The stopwatch features and signature looks of the chronograph watch is a endless classic. 

The best Automatic watches - The joy of a self-winding watch
The automatic watch is a friend for life if you keep maintaining if through the years. A self-winding watch that keeps going through your movement. Whats not to like?

Limited edition watches - Unique and collectors watches
At About Vintage we create one-off series of limited edition watches. These watches are unique and produced in smaller quantities. Check out our selection here. 

Are you looking for your next quartz watch? 
A quartz watch is a battery-powered timepiece and we have a large collection of mens quartz watches. Choose between our many differents dial colors, materials and watch-types. 

Vintage looking watches - Timeless design and the best materials
A vintage watch is a investment in design that keeps on giving. We have a large selection of vintage looking watches in different materials, such as gold, steel and more. 

Retro watches - Unique retro mens watches 
Are you looking for a retro watch with a retro feel? Our watches bring classic design features that let your watch stand out while keeping in line with watch-tradition and quality. 


Our watches come in several different sizes. We're gathered the most popular sizes here. 

38mm mens watches - Watches that fit smaller wrists 
Finding the right watch size can be hard, but we have gathered all 38mm and 39mm mens watches in this category, so you don't have to look any further for your next watch with the right fit. 

Mens 40mm watches - Your next mens watch
Are you looking for your next mens watch in 40mm? Look no further. We have a large selection of watches that fit your wrist.

Our best 41mm watches - Your next mens watch
Are you looking for your next mens watch in 41mm? Look no further. We have a large selection.

Other important pages

High quality watch straps - Leather, NATO and much more
We always offer multiple straps for our watches, so you can switch up the look of your watch. We have NATO, Mesh band, leather, silicone and many more types of watch straps. 

Watch roll in leather and watch displays
Do you need to keep your watches safe when traveling or make sure they don't get scracthed at home? Our watch rolls are made in premium leather and keeps your watches safe from dust and scratches. 

Gift cards for mens and womens watches

Watch with engraving - You have complete control
A lot of our customers ask us what to engrave on a watch - Visit this part of our site and get inspired. View all our engravable watches in this category.