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Each and every one of our watches are named after an important point in the history of horology. In 1954, the world saw its first GMT watch, originally created for pilots flying across time zones in a matter of hours and naturally, our 1954 GMT World Traveler carries its name hereafter.

The 1954 World Traveler is meant to be worn. It features a 60 click bi-directional bezel crafted from polished anodized aluminum, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, Super LumiNova markings on the dial and a robust Ronda movement inside.



A fresh take on a classic design. The 1954 GMT World Traveler ‘Safari’ is made with adventure in mind. The curious green dial and bezel, the Super LumiNova filled hour-markers paired with the GMT and date functions all refer to the explorative nature of the watch.


Make sure the bezel is in its standard position by aligning its 24H with 12H on the dial. Set the watch to your current local time by pulling the crown to 2nd position. Hereafter, pull the crown to 1st position and turn clockwise to adjust the GMT hand to home time (the place from where you will depart) until it matches with the 24-hour bezel. If your current time is 11.00am, you simply turn the GMT hand until it reaches 11 on the bezel. 

Now, if you land in a timezone one hour ahead and wish to adjust your watch to your current timezone, pull out the crown to 2nd position and set the time one hour ahead using the hour and minute hand. Now, you know your current time (showcased by hour and minute hand) as well as the time in the place from which you departed (showcased by the GMT hand). 

If you wish to set a third timezone, you rotate the bezel. Find out how many hours your third timezone is either ahead or behind your home time (showcased by the GMT hand). If your desired timezone is six hours ahead, you rotate the bezel six clicks (six hours). Now, using the pre-set GMT hand, you will see the third timezone on the bezel. Voliá!

Technical Specifications


Premium compact box in PU leather


316L High precision stainless steel, individually numbered, Screw down caseback


Matt safari green dial with white luminous dots and steel hands


Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating


Ronda 515-24H GMT (Quartz)


41 mm wide, 12mm thick


5-link bracelet with quick release (tool needed to adjust circumference)


2 years against defects

Water resistance

10 ATM tested (Avoid use when diving)

Get behind the scenes in this feature where we took a time-out with our creative director Andreas Herring in his favorite get-away spot, his summer-house located in the south of Sealand, to talk about all things inspiration, watches and how to get the most out of your time.

Andreas Herring is the creative director of About Vintage. It is him and his team of talented creatives that designs the watches, creates the campaigns and produces all the videos and images that you see. Andreas is the self-taught head-first kinda guy with a deep passion for anything that ticks.

You did most of your professional career in fashion. How did you stumble upon watches?

I have been wearing a watch for as long as I can remember. My first watch was a small red and blue kids watch, with big bright numerals that I got when I was still in kindergarten. Since then, a watch has been a steady part of my attire, so getting into watches professionally feels very natural, even though my arena used to be the fashion industry. Building concepts and telling stories have always been my favorite part of my work, and even though the industry changed, the overall aspects remain the same. 

2022 was a year of many new releases and collaborations. Talk us through the process of designing a new watch.

In the design-process, my partner in crime Christian (Christian Hegnhøj, industrial designer red.) and I always bounce back and forth for some time, before getting into the core of what we want to do. It usually starts with a need being identified; something missing in the line up. It could be a dressy chronograph, or a do-it-all three hand watch. Then, I start to gather inspiration - it could be from old magazines, a certain vibe that I currently like or even from furniture where the lines and textures speak to me. After that, I empty my head to Christian, and he takes the bits and pieces and puts it together in the first drawing of the new design. We then get into the nitty gritty process of removing something here, adding something there, trying a lot of stuff out and finally get to a result that we both feel in our stomach - then we know we are onto something. From here, samples are ordered, they get tried and tested, and perhaps altered a bit so the final product is as close to perfect as possible, before hitting the shelves and going out to the customers.

You’re a family man with a wife and two children, you have a job that probably takes up most of your time and you still need to come up with new energy and inspiration every day. What is the key?

My mind is always searching for inspiration. Anyone working in the creative field knows it’s a switch that cannot be turned off. That be in anything from drawings my sons are making, to street signs or food I taste. So for me, the key is to have a physical space I can enter, where the most important thing is to let your shoulders drop and exhale. For me, my refuge is a small 50 square meters summer house located on the west coast of Sealand, where deer visit the garden and seals are playing in the fjord. Here, we as a family are together in an entirely different way, I have a lot of DIY building projects I can tend to, and nearly every time I’m here, new ideas are born. Getting back from a weekend in the summer house gives me more energy than any I could think of.

Speaking of new inspiration, is there something in particular we should be looking forward to in the year to come? 

This year will be a great year for new releases! Not less than three brand new About Vintage models will see the light of day, including a Chronograph, a Diver and a 3-hand hybrid bridging the gap between dressy and sporty. So stay tuned I guess - lot’s of great stuff to hang around for.

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Kaye A.
Great Gift

Very happy, with great service

Marcin K.

1982 GMT World Traveler, Steel / Dark Blue & Off White

Mohammad T.

1954 GMT, Steel / Green Turtle

Dear Mohammad

I'm sorry to see your review after you've been in contact with our costumer service.
The issue was that you ordered a watch with an engraving and as we state in our policy, we can't return a engraved watch.
This is mentioned in the engraving process next to the field where you put in the text and in our policy.
You told us, that you haven't read the policy and now you're not satisfied with our service.

We've told you that we would look into a solution where we could emphasise this even more, so that we wont have the same situation in the future.

I truly hope you will reconsider this review.
I wish you all the best and hope to see you back in the future as a costumer again.

Please don't hesistate to reach out if you want any assistance in the future.

Sam L.

Beautiful watch! Can't take my eyes off of it

María R.G.

1954 GMT, Steel / Green Turtle