Let’s celebrate remarkable moments of collaborations!

In the world of watchmaking, collaborations often bring together a unique blend of creativity and innovation. Since 2014 About Vintage has embraced the making of collaborations, by creating watches with other brands and celebrities to celebrate their biggest moments.

In this blog post, we will delve into some of the most significant collaborations by About Vintage, showcasing the brand's commitment to every partnership. 

About Vintage X Roskilde Festival

With this collaboration, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Roskilde Festival, so we had to honor the festival’s beginning by calling the watch 1971 Stagediver.

This year was the start of one of the biggest Northern Europe Festivals, therefore they managed to feature a piece of the original tent canvas from the first orange stage in the case back of the watch.

About Vintage x Roskilde Festival

The orange dot on the bezel helps your tracking time and reminds you when the band that you’re not going to miss are playing. You aren’t going to miss big moments anymore!

About Vintage wants to celebrate the most important moments with the collaborators, so this was a no brainer and we had to make this collaboration happen.

About Vintage x Roskilde Festival

About Vintage X Kristian Haagen

With this collaboration, About Vintage teamed up with the leading watch expert in Scandinavia Kristian Haagen and had him on the board of the creation of this watch. He is the co-founder of the social media phenomenon for watch lovers called Dailywatch, founder of the monthly watch magazine Timegeeks and author of the popular Hashtags & Watches series of books and much more.

About Vintage x Kristian Haagen

The watch is called 1970 which was the year he was born, therefore he had to be a part of the design process and helped choose everything from the movement to materials. It was important for him that this watch would be a tool watch you can use for traveling and exploring, that gives you a utility addition to the everyday. 

About Vintage x Kristian Haagen

About Vintage X Justin Gatlin

This time About Vintage collaborated with one of the greatest within his field, and to this day he still ranks fifth on the all-time list of male 100-meter athletes. The American sprinter Justin Gatlin had a long remarkable career, and this watch celebrates and honors that. The watch is a chronograph and made for measuring time, but he wanted a watch for every occasion. 

The 1815 Chronograph was the perfect choice of model, with a classic design in gold or steel combined with a sporty chronograph. It comes with two additional Nato straps in red and orange, which celebrates the schools he ran from throughout his career. The strap the watch comes on is blue and symbolizes his time running for the United States team.

A chronograph shows time in seconds, therefore they had to honor his personal best 100-meter, which was 9.74 seconds, as you can see highlighted between the 12-hour marker and the 2-hour marker.

About Vintage x Justin Gatlin

For the last feature you need to flip the watch around and look on the caseback, where you can see his initials that contain some of his race worn tracksuits. The blue dot between the initials symbolizes a button to push, so that may inspire you to push through and give 100% every time like Justin Gatlin. 

About Vintage x Justin Gatlin

About Vintage X Frederique Constant

This is an old collab starting in 2018, but a very important one for our brand, to design and create watches with a big established swiss watch brand like Frederique Constant.

The models were called 1988 and was the year Frederique Constant was founded in the watchcapital Geneva. All three watches we made with Frederique Constant were very limited. The green 1988 Flyback Chronograph was limited to only 32 pieces, and was sold out in the matter of just eight minutes.

With three successive launches behind us and Frederique Constant, first with the 1988 Moonphase in 2018 and later, with the two 1988 Flyback Chronographs in a Green Edition in 2020, and a blue edition later in 2021. About Vintage and Frederique Constant have proved exactly how powerful an innovative and collaborative approach can be in the watch industry. 

About Vintage x Frederique Constant

About Vintage X AC Milan

The collaboration with AC Milan is one of the biggest collaborations yet, and About Vintage was proud to be an official partner.

The first watch was a tribute to their 19th championship in the 21/22 season, which was the first championship in 11 years and the name of the watch was 2022 Rossonero.

On the bezel you’ll see a star that symbolizes the one star they already have, and it’s placed on the 2-hour marker because they’ll get on for every tenth time a team wins the league. AC Milan has 19 Scudetti wins, and that’s why 19 is highlighted on the bezel. It’s a watch for a true fan who knows their Rossonero story, and easily can discover the subtle references. 

About Vintage x AC Milan

The second watch was introduced mid-December 2022 and a celebration of the 123-year anniversary of AC Milan. Together they made a trio of watches called 1899 Rossonero Automatic, with 3 different color dials.
The 3 variants resemble the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd jersey, and only 123 of each color was produced.

About Vintage x AC Milan

The third and final launch was a family pack, including 3 watches that were appealing to 3 generations of fans. 3 AC Milan players surprised 3 fans with a special gift and gave them a moment they will never forget. 

About Vintage x AC Milan

About Vintage will continue looking for new collaborations and partnerships, but the most important is to focus on the remarkable moments. We can make everything from 50 to 10.000 tailor made watches that suit your brand or company’s needs. That compared with Danish design and the best quality materials couldn’t be better.

If your company or brand is interested, you’re welcome to fill out the form to get more information.
We’re excited to hear from you!


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