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Watch Rolls & Displays

If you have found a stylish new watch or have a watch collection at home and are looking to take good care of it, we recommend considering your storage options. It would be a shame to find scratches on a fine piece of craftmanship.

A watch roll will keep your watches organized, safe and ready for wear at any given time. With this product you can avoid the nuisance and costs of scratches and dents on your favorite timepieces. You can place your watches inside and know they are exactly where they should be – apart from on your wrist of course.

Whether you are a seasoned collector, a new enthusiast, or simply want a secure place for your new watch, you do not need to look any further. At About Vintage we have a fantastic selection of watch rolls and watch displays that are bound to satisfy.

Watch rolls ensure your watches are secure at home and on the move

Having a watch roll at home ensures that your watches will not be sliding around in the bottom of a drawer or out plainly on a counter at risk of damage from various sources.

Watch rolls are also excellent for travelers as they are quick and easy to pack with your luggage. They are practical and compact enough to slip right into your briefcase, bag, or suitcase. So, no matter whether you are going on a work trip or holiday, you can always keep your trusted timepieces by your side when you own a watch roll.

Leather watch rolls: a classic, timeless display

Not only do watch rolls aid in organizing and protecting your watches, they can also provide a visually appealing display for your timepieces.

Leather watch rolls are lightweight and do not take up much space. About Vintage offers well-crafted leather pieces with a timeless air to them. Our products are consistent in quality and practicality and are designed for your home and travel needs.

High quality watch rolls from About Vintage

About Vintage offers watch rolls and watch displays at an excellent price point.

Your collection of watches will look stunning in one of our watch rolls, but we are also certain that our products make excellent gifts too. If you know someone with an interest in watches, a watch roll would be a thoughtful gift.