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Dress Watches


For both men and women, a dress watch is often worn for a formal occasion or by those who simply favor a simple and clean look. At formal occasions, you typically want to match the aesthetics of the watch with the dress code. Dress watches are therefore characterized by smaller or average case sizes as well as a slim profile. This makes it possible to fit the watch under a shirt cuff or other formal-style attire. 

Most dress watches can be described as elegant and simple. That is also due to the fact that they are not normally adorned with a multitude of complications, and feature only time display. With this approach, the dial of a dress watch is very easy to read as unnecessary distractions have been removed. 


Before the 20th century, dress watches were generally considered more a jewelry item mainly worn by women. However when military personnel started to wear wrist watches, it furthered dress watches’ popularity as an everyday attire for both men and women. It was especially the simplicity of dress watches which made them the go-to choice for the broad population. At About Vintage, we feature a variety of dress watches in both steel, gold, and rose gold.