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In the realm of horology, certain moments in time stand as milestones, forever etched into the annals of watchmaking history. In 1964, Seiko's iconic role as the official timekeeper of the Summer Olympics marked a turning point in Japanese watchmaking, propelling it onto the global stage and setting the foundation for its ascent as a premier nation in the world of timepieces.

Now, decades later, we pay homage to the year 1964 with the release of the 1964 Horizon earlier this year. 4th of August we will have a launch of a limited edition 1964 Horizon, a masterpiece that effortlessly marries Japanese precision with Scandinavian design ethos.

1964 Horizon Automatic

Designing Timeless Versatility

The 1964 Horizon stands as a testament to the marriage of rugged durability and refined sophistication. In crafting this horological masterpiece, we sought to create a timepiece that seamlessly transitions from sportswear to cocktail attire, embodying the essence of versatility. Drawing inspiration from the Scandi-Japanese design culture, where simplicity and functionality reign supreme, the result is a watch that embraces both worlds.

Therefore we decided to make this watch a classic 3 handed watch with no date option, for making the watch look so clean. The generously sized SuperLuminova filled hour markers and hands ensure legibility in all lighting conditions, a testament to our commitment to practicality.

 1964 Horizon Automatic

1964 Horizon Automatic

This premium version of the 1964 Horizon is limited to 100 pieces of each color, and this 1964 comes in blue, green and white, all with matt finished color dials. The 3 new colors are not the only reason for this limited edition collection, the popular model has a high end automatic Miyota 9-Series movement.

The 1964 Horizon Automatic is powered by the esteemed Miyota 9039 movement from their premium line introduced in 2018. This movement embodies the precision and reliability that has come to define Japanese watchmaking.

It’s a 24 jewels movement with a power reserve of +42 hours when fully wound and an accuracy of -10 +30 seconds a day. With its seamless functionality and accuracy, the Miyota 9039 serves as the beating heart of each 1964 Horizon Automatic.

1964 Horizon Automatic

In the 1964 Horizon Automatic, history converges with modernity, and design meets functionality in perfect harmony. As we unveil this limited collection, we invite you to experience the fusion of history, design, and horological excellence in every tick of the 1964 Horizon.

About Vintage once again teamed up with Unicef on this collection. For each watch we sell, we make a donation that secures school bags for two kids, giving them an opportunity to learn how to read and write. All donations are given directly to Unicef, the international organization who work to secure a better future for kids all over the world.


Hi KJ,
The 1964 Horizon Automatic will cost you $599 – and don’t forget to get your free engraving when ordering.
We promise, You’ll love this one😍

All the best,
About Vintage

About Vintage February 20, 2024

It’s so beautiful for this how much is it?

kj chang September 12, 2023

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