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38mm watches

A 38mm watch is generally fitting for people who have midsize wrists. If your wrists measure about six to seven inches in circumference, this is a perfect size for you. It is important to know the size of your wrist when ordering your watch. This ensures that the bracelet and strap fit are properly sized. If your wrist size is larger than this, you should get a watch that has a larger size for standard, oversize, or XXL wrist sizes.

Diameter and Casing 

When considering buying a 38mm watch, its diameter in comparison to your wrist size is not the only factor to consider. Other things to factor in are the type of straps, manufacturing materials, and case thickness, among others. In this case, a 38mm watch typically has a small to medium case with a thickness of around seven millimeters. However, the more complications a watch has, the denser the casing is going to be. 

Band Width – 38 mm Watch

A well-proportioned watch normally has a band with a width of approximately half its case diameter. For a 38mm watch, for instance, a 19mm width is perfect. Also, if you have small wrists, you should try smaller strap widths for better proportionality. 

Find your Perfect 38mm Watch at About Vintage

Getting the right 38mm watch for your wrist can be quite rewarding. Not only do you get the most comfortable size for your wrist, but there are also different styles to choose from. Additionally, the watch’s details should be considered when investing in a watch. They include sub-dials, hands, crowns, and markers. The size of these details plays a huge role in how large the watch will appear to be.

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