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The 1960 Racing is a celebration of generations of racing horology, with subtle nods to the likes of Audi Sport, Porsche, McLaren and Shelby Cobra, all part of that era.

The design is a balance between vintage aesthetics, 80’s Bauhaus design lines, and modern day technology, encapsulated in a 40mm sports chronograph complete with a tachymeter, scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and 316L surgical steel case.

Package includes


1960 Racing watch


Brown special edition racing leather strap


Premium compact box in PU leather

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1960 Racing

The entire story behind the watch

The history behind 1960 Racing

The 1960s was the first real golden age of car racing. In 1960 Ferrari dominated the scene at Le Mans with manufacturers such as Maserati and Porsche in the peloton as well while Cooper and Lotus were at the top of Formula 1. It was also the year when Mickey Thompson became the first person to exceed 400 mph in a race car; the Challenger 1.

Motor Racing has always been one of the most important industries for the development of wrist watches, giving the drivers the ability to time their own laps with Heuer on the forefront. In 1960 Heuer celebrated the 100th year of the invention of the stopwatch, with a brand new line of stopwatches on wrist straps, making it easier to wear for race drivers, referees and coaches as well as military personnel.

Will Buxton

Lead Commentator and Racing Journalist

With his lifelong passion for motor racing, Will Buxton has earned pole position as racing journalist and broadcaster. He’s our time’s voice of the highest class of international racing, and recently known from an international hit-documentary series about motor racing.

Just like About Vintage, racing is all about moments in time, and for Buxton there’s a defining moment that ignited his passion for the sport. Growing up his first biggest hero was Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, who died in a tragic accident in the San Marino Grand Prix 1994. The emotions he felt in that moment changed Buxton’s life, and made him pursue a career dedicated to covering motor racing as a journalist.

Will Buxton’s fascination with racing also includes the attention to detail, when winning comes down to fragments of time. He continues to travel across time zones to broadcast the sport that he loves, being friendly with Max, Fernando, Lewis and Kevin.

How does a tachymeter work?

With a tachymeter, you can calculate the average speed based on how many seconds it takes a vehicle to travel a fixed distance, say 1 km or the like.

1) Start the chronograph by pushing the upper button

2) After the vehicle has traveled the distance, stop the chronograph with the same button.

3) Observe the position of the second hand and read the outer bezel. If stopped at 80, it took 45 seconds to travel 1 km, which comes down to an average speed of 80 kph.

4) Reset by pushing the lower button


The new 1960 racing is a chronograph watch with all the benefits that type of watch offers. It is equipped with three sub dials, showing twentieth seconds for accurate timing of track-laps on the right, minutes on the left, and running seconds in the middle. The watch is powered by a Japanese made Miyota movement, that is widely known for their durability and reliability.

Besides timing your Nürburgring laps and average speed, a chronograph is great for many daily-base tasks such as timing your eggs, your interval training or how long your keynote speech have lasted. It is the most accurate timing device in our line up, letting you make timings not only to the second but to one twentieth of a second, for when time really matters.

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Technical Specifications


Premium compact box in PU leather


316L High precision stainless steel, individually numbered, Screw down caseback


Off white dial with black subdials and black bezel


Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating


Miyota 6S20 Chronograph (Quartz)


40 mm wide, 12 mm thick


Brown special edition racing leather strap with quick release


2 years against defects

Water resistance

10 ATM tested (Avoid use when diving)

Customer Reviews

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Morgane C.

1960 Racing Chronograph, Steel / Off White & Black

Great watch. Recommend switching out the band. Have black racing and black silicone band. Very pl...

Great watch. Recommend switching out the band. Have black racing and black silicone band. Very pleased.

Thomas S.
Beautiful watch with a non-functioning chronograph

I purchased this watch directly from the "About Vintage" website, based on the looks of the watch and the chronograph functionality. I love having the ability to measure events with an accuracy to about 1/20th of a sec with a chronograph watch, and this watch has that capability. Unfortunately, shortly after receiving this watch I discovered that the minutes subdial on this watch proved to be problematic. After using the chronograph just several times I noticed the minute subdial would not reset to zero minutes. It was off by 3 to 4 minutes, which, of course, is totally unacceptable for a chronograph. I tried resetting the subdials but unfortunately, on this watch, it is only possible to reset the seconds hand and the tenths of second subdial. It is not possible to reset the minutes subdial!
I contacted About Vintage by email and they quickly responded that it appears to be "a manufacturing defect" and they arranged to send me a replacement watch. Ten days later I received a second watch, which had the same problem! I concluded that the problem with this watch was likely a design/engineering defect that probably affects most, if not all, of their watches, so I requested a refund. Unfortunately, About Vintage has yet to respond to my request for a refund. I am not very happy that this company has manufactured a watch with such an obvious and serious flaw, and I am not happy with this company's response to my problem.

Dear Thomas

Thanks for reviewing our product and sharing you experience.
It's true what you're writing here with the two watches, both showing the same issue.
We're brought this up with our manufacture and are shipping both watches back.

I'm happy to see we found a solution and resolved the case.
If you have any further questions, as agreed on you can reach out directly to me, Rasmus.


Tutto Ok

Clément L.
Love it!

This quality watch is just superb. Its comfort and aesthetics will appeal to everyone. About Vintage is a promising watch brand that knows how to stand out and show its art. I highly recommend !