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Gold Watches

Extrovert or introvert, conservative or bold, About Vintage gold watches come in styles that speak to your impeccable flair and character. With GOTS-certified varieties of modern and vintage gold watches that come in various colors and materials, there is no limit to the number of looks you can pull off. 

Gold watches at About Vintage are made with first-rate organic materials that will see you through every season of your life. Therefore, whether you want a gold watch with a bold design or go timeless with something a bit more classic, you cannot go wrong with our selection of gold watches.

Are Gold Watches Worth It?

Gold watches have been around for years, and they do not seem to go out of style. Their luster in low light and the prestige of looking great in a stylish accessory with a Midas touch make gold watches the cultured way to go in any situation, formal or not. If you are new to the world of watches and are looking for a timeless piece, gold is an ageless material.

How Long Can a Gold Watch Last?

A gold-coated watch usually lasts five to seven years before fading. When properly plated, gold watches may even last 20 years before the plating or coating starts to tarnish or wear away.

About Vintage Gold Watches Draw Attention to Your Clothing

Gold watches are exceptional timepieces that ground your look by adding a subtle style. Whether it is a casual look while getting some work done, or a sophisticated look for an evening out, bring your About Vintage gold watch along with you. Also, we offer free worldwide shipping and a 30-day refund policy.

Shop our fine selection of gold watches today and rock your urbane and timeless style!