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Steel watches

A watch is a personal timepiece, so it is no surprise that everyone has their preferences. Some may prefer a flashier, bolder choice, while others seek a more understated piece.

Steel watches may not have the same initial flare as a gold alternative but trust us when we say the right steel can shine with the radiance of a precious metal.

Steel watches are made from a strong versatile material

About Vintage promises fashionable, reliable watches for your day-to-day endeavors. Steel has strength and versatility that is hard to match. These watches can be worn from casual to formal occasions without seeming out of place. Stainless steel envelops movement smoothly, and various temperature ranges are handled with ease by the metal.

Modern manufacturing techniques built on the foundations of historical knowledge result in products executed with precision and incredible dedication to the craft. Stainless steel is now a material you can find in rare, complex timepieces as well as entry-level watches for newcomers.

Steel watches: from diving into the deep to diving into work

The corrosion-resistant properties combined with steel’s strength make stainless steel watches a common option for divers. Watches for diving are often designed to be visually astounding as well as functional, so most are also worn on other occasions. You might dive into the ocean one day and be strolling to an office meeting the next adorning the very same watch. Diversity in application is desired by many customers, so we strive to cater to all walks of life at About Vintage.

There is no need to view steel watches as less-than precious metal watches. In fact, the world’s most expensive wristwatch was made from stainless steel. The cold hue of steel sends a message of confidence. A steel watch will fit in anywhere and suit practically any look you are striving for.

The right steel watch for you from About Vintage

A good watch is an investment; it may increase in monetary value over the course of your lifetime, but it will also grow in symbolic worth. It will become a piece of your history.

Perhaps you are not looking to go all out in terms of steel – in which case a leather or mesh band could complement the metal nicely. Yet, whether you are looking for a more classic or modernized look, About Vintage has the watch for you.