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What allows a watch to be worn on the wrist? A watch strap. The strap is not just a strap. It may well be the part of the wristwatch that you will interact with the most. Furthermore, much of the aesthetic appeal of a watch lies not only in its case, but also its straps.

Shop from a large variety of watch straps at About Vintage

At About Vintage we offer a large variety of watch straps, so you can complete your ideal watch.

A watch strap is not simply a piece of material; it has significance. The way a watch strap appears can change attitudes towards the timepiece itself. Still, whether you view the watch strap as a simple accessory or a key component of your wristwatch, it is essential that you find the perfect model for your tastes which we can help you with.

Reliable and stylish watch straps

Each watch strap design has a rich history. Professional design and engineering go into producing the best and most stylish ways for a watch to remain securely and comfortably on your wrist.

For example, there is the NATO strap that consists of a failsafe design: should one spring bar fail, your wristwatch will not fall. This design was originally intended for the military, but has day-to-day practicality in use for many individuals including physically active customers.

Watches with leather straps are another timeless choice where you can certainly trust your timepiece to look fantastic which is why About Vintage offers leather straps in various makes and shades.

Experiment with a new style

Sometimes we need a bit of change in our lives. Exchanging your current watch strap with a new one is a great way to experiment with your style. There are a multitude of combinations available to you.

From modern to more classic looks, there is the ideal watch strap for you. The strap you choose is an important choice, as it will be the initial and final component of the watch that you interact with from putting it on to taking it off. Without the watch strap you simply have a tiny desk clock that may be stunning, but not very practical on its own.

To ensure that your new watch strap fits perfectly, it is important to check that the strap size matches the watch lugs.