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Two toned watches

Young men everywhere are showing interest in steel and gold watches, timepieces that have kept a faithful following since the 1980s. At About Vintage, gold meets silver and our two-toned watches are all about mixing your precious metals. If you are not familiar with two toned watches, here is the lowdown on what they are.

What Is a Two-Toned Watch?

The word two tone describes wristwatches made of gold and steel. The gold here can either be the classic yellow gold or the newer and more common rose gold. This fashion plays out among men who find the style interesting in both economic and aesthetic terms. The more you wear two toned watches, the more you like them. The two-toned watches at About Vintage need no introduction to the world of luxury and eco-friendly timepieces. The watches are GOTS-certified and use superior organic materials for their trendy designs and colors, giving you the best of both worlds.

Are Two Toned Watches Tacky?

A two-tone watch offers a very precise look unlike that of other luxury watches. The color contrast is much softer, making the timepieces more versatile. The gold and steel tones look elegant, refined, and classy, and the versatile metal matches most skin tones and works well with a variety of colors of clothing.

Rock Classy Style with Our Two-Toned Watches

About Vintage’s collection features formidable two-toned timepieces that are being made by the most famous brands. Some of the brands are historical icons, while other brands were established more recently. While all of the timepieces on our collection are the two-tone design, the varieties in brands give a typical overview of how various brands manufacture it. Along with that, we ship worldwide and offer 30-days free return period.