The Chronograph complication: a stopwatch at hand anytime

One of the least complicated in operation and most underrated complications to be found in horology, is the chronograph. To put in simple terms, it is a stopwatch integrated into the wristwatch which allows you to measure precise time intervals without interfering with the normal time-telling function of the watch. 

The chronograph itself can be both simple, complex, can rely on multiple technologies and be combined to additional functions; however the general characteristics of this type of watch include the bold pushers, often placed along the right side of the caseback. The upper pusher starts and pauses the chronograph hand while the lower resets the timing function completely. Every time the chronograph hand has taken a round, it is recorded by the subdials. The majority of watches record up to 30-60 minutes which will cover most needs.

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In popular demand: from elites only to widespread appreciation

While the technique itself saw light of day in 1815 and was developed further in 1844 to include the reset function, it first experienced popular demand in light of Apollo astronauts wearing the Omega Speedmaster and Formula 1s racers wearing the Tag Heuer Chronograph. Now, it is a complication to be found both at established high-end watch brands as well as fashion brands and everything in between the two.

Apart from serving as an elegant and classic design choice, the chronograph complication can in fact be a useful addition to the everyday. While you can swiftly time anything with your phone with great accuracy, choosing to wear a chronograph watch will keep you aware and conscious, both about your surroundings and time management as you aim for al dente pasta or time your bike ride by eliminating the distractions associated with the digital world.

It might take a bit of time getting used to reaching for your wristwatch instead of your mobile phone but give it a go - you might be surprised to find it’s quite nice once you get the hang of it. And if not, at least it looks great on any wrist. 

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