How to use the GMT complication: Let’s tell you

Have you got your hands on your first GMT watch, now wondering how to properly set it? We have good news for you - it’s really not that complicated!

On our GMT models up to three time zones can be set, which is also the case for most GMT watch models. The bezel has a total of 24 markers which reference 24 hour time with ground-zero meridian in Greenwich, London. 

Make sure the bezel is in its standard position by aligning its 24H with 12H on the dial. Set the watch to your current local time by pulling the crown to 2nd position. Hereafter, pull the crown to 1st position and turn clockwise to adjust the GMT hand to home time (the place from where you will depart) until it matches with the 24-hour bezel. If your current time is 11.00am, you simply turn the GMT hand until it reaches 11 on the bezel.

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Now, if you land in a timezone an one hour ahead and wish to adjust your watch to your current timezone, pull out the crown to 2nd position and set the time one hour ahead using the hour and minute hand. Now, you know your current time (showcased by hour and minute hand) as well as the time in the place from which you departed (showcased by the GMT hand). 

Set a third timezone 

If you wish to set a third timezone, you rotate the bezel. Find out how many hours your third timezone is either ahead or behind your home time (showcased by the GMT hand). If your desired timezone is six hours ahead, you rotate the bezel six clicks (six hours). Now, using the pre-set GMT hand, you will see the third timezone on the bezel. Voliá! You are now a master of the GMT complication. 

Check out our video tutorial for a visual!

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