“The watch reminds me of my biggest promotion”

Who: Malthe Timm.

Title: Head of Conversion Rate Optimization at Obsidian Digital, Danish marketing agency.

I bought the watch when I get my promotion to Head Of. It was my first role with direct leadership and responsibility for a new department.

I had been working my way up in a different department for years and thought that it was time to take on a larger responsibility.

Head of CRO

The engraving says “Head of CRO”. The watch reminds me of my biggest promotion and ste up so far.

I wear it to work everyday. It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come so far, but also that there is so much more I can do.

GMT World Traveller

I chose the 1982 GMT World Traveller, because it has a match of silver and black I really like. I couldn’t choose between silver and black, so I got both.

It has a touch of a divers watch, but it remains its own.

I just think it’s an amazing looking watch.

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