The everyday watch for any occasion

This watch is for everyone no matter size and taste, and for me is the About Vintage 1926 AT’ SEA with the blue dial and bezel the watch to buy. It’s a diver and has been tested down to 200 meters / 20 ATM. The blue color of the watch suits the diver story well, because of the ocean. Every watch brand should make a blue diver in my opinion. The movement of the watch is a quartz, but it’s not a usual quartz. This TMI VH31 movement from Japan has sweeping hands, which makes it difficult to see that this is a quartz watch. The hands are ticking 4 times a second, and that's why it's called sweeping hands. A quartz watch is way more precise than an automatic, but an automatic watch has a more luxurious feel to it. This watch has the best of both worlds, combined with the perfect case size of 39,5 mm.

Why is the 1926 At’Sea the perfect daily watch?

With such a diver, you have infinite options with all the different straps About Vintage offers. It’s a classic 3 handed watch, with every minute up to the 15th minute on the bezel, which is characteristic for a diver watch. Nothing else remarkable about this watch, just a stylish classic, and that’s why I think it’s a very customizable model. You can dress it up with a leather, suede, mesh and the 5 link which is the standard strap. You can make it sportier and more outdoor if you combine the watch with a silicone or a NATO strap.

More straps, more watches.

With more straps in your collection and a 1926 AT’ SEA, could you make a “new watch” every day of the week. This watch is made for adventure and needs to be worn, so why don’t stand out and start personalizing your watch. Every strap from About Vintage comes with a quick release, so you don’t need tools for switching strap on your watch. Now there is no excuse for not getting started and have fun guys!

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