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Attention! About Vintage is about to launch the new 1934 Telechron on the 12th of April, in 6 different dial colors with complementing straps included. We launched a version of this model earlier this year called 1934 Ghost, which was a made to order watch and very limited. We loved the design so much and thought we could give the watch a new life with totally new color schemes.

We made a lot of samples and couldn't decide which one, therefore we decided to launch this watch in 6 styles at the same time! 

A style for everyone

This is the 2.0 Chronograph in the About Vintage collection with a telemeter scale for measuring distances in sound, and of course you can use it as a normal stopwatch as well. The watch has a 42 mm case in 316L stainless steel with two horizontal leveled sub dials, which looks awesome in hand. The sub dial at 3 o’clock is seconds, and the other subdial at 9 o'clock is a 60 minutes counter. Our designer decided to place the date window at 6 o’clock, and it fits perfectly for this style of watch. 

I see this watch as a clean dress up chronograph, with references to vintage watchmaking and modern watch tendencies. From the nipple dots as hour markers, square pushers, the onion crown, the classy narrowed hands, to the domed sapphire crystal, just a beauty if you ask me. 

All these watches seem a bit overwhelming, so I divided the 6 watches into 3 categories for you. I think the 3 categories are totally different from each other, some are more casual than others, and some dressier. Let's take a look at them.

The Classics

The black dial that comes on a black leather strap, is a very understated watch that appeals to a person who loves a subtle look. Black on black is just a classic and a perfect watch for everyday use. We decided to make the chronograph hand white, for a more readable dial and a bit more life to it. 

Everyone knows that white and brown watches are an instant winner, therefore we created an opposite dial with a black chronograph hand instead. The white dial comes on a brown leather strap. 

These two watches are for the one who loves an understated watch classic, and would like to expand the collection with a universal piece that fits any occasion.

Blue and Green

This category is for me the more dressier variants, especially when it comes to the rose gold hands and the dark brown leather strap. The color combination between green and blue, the hands and the leather strap gives a more elegant expression compared to the other watch styles. You’ll get the luxury watch feeling with these, and fall in love with the colors of the dials. Throw a suit on with one of the watches, and people will turn their heads the whole night. 


The last two watches are defined by modern watches designed with the vintage aesthetic in mind, therefore we combined the off white dials with a new brown suede strap. The difference between these two are the black “Panda” eyes as sub dials, the black circle with white index and the white chronograph hand. The mix between the brown suede strap and those off white dials, takes us back in history to the mid 20th century of racing watches compared with some dressy features such as the hands and hour markers.

This category is for the person who wants to get a vintage feeling, when wearing a modern watch with references to the past. Those styles of watches are a true conversation starter, and will get noticed by another watch collecting person.

There you have it! Which one’s your favorite? We would love to read your thoughts and opinions about this new model in the comments.

All 6 watches are launching on the 12th of April in limited quantities, and I think you should secure your own or multiple of them. Go check out the watches!


Suggestion – numbers not markers – lighter color, easy to read hour and minute hands – bright color chrono seconds hand – reverse ‘Panda’ black dial with white sub-dials.

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Perfect icon

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