The core of About Vintage is to create beautiful timepieces that will last for a lifetime. We feel extremely privileged that we are able to work with something we love, inspire people worldwide and make dreams come true by designing affordable high-end watches. However, being this privileged also comes with a responsibility. A responsibility to make the world a better place for the next generation, by leaving fewer footprints than we did yesterday. Therefore, we have decided to do something about it and commit ourselves to 2 causes:
    1. Leave fewer foodprints! By continuously optimizing our own production, the materials we use and the way we are packing our products, we aim to leave fewer environmental foodprints than we did yesterday. This will not only benefit us but the watch industry as a whole as all solutions will be shared and available across the industry.
    2. Help nature bounce back! We can't save the world by only optimizing our own production. Therefore, we are donating a part of our revenue to help NGO's fight climate changes. This year we have decided to partner up with World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and support their broad and tirelessly work for a better planet. If you want to read more about WWF you can find information by clicking here
    3. Green Delivery! All our package are shipped with DHL Go Green solution, thus supporting lower emissions per package and the goal of ZERO emissions by 2050.


By committing About Vintage to leave fewer footprints we are making a promise to the world of continuously making our products more environmental friendly. It is a long journey we are heading out on and our goal is that at least 75% of the materials we use are recycled materials or CO2 neutral.

We are in the process the following 2 projects:

  1. By working closely together with our manufacturer, supply chain and warehouse we will have eliminated ALL plastic in our products and shipping boxes by end of 2020.
  2. Together with the manufacturer of our straps we have found a new way to use recycled plastic from the oceans and create a new plastic-silicone material for our new rubber bands (they will be introduced during 2020)

We already have the next projects lined up and will keep you posted along the way as more projects are implemented.


Even though we are still a start-up we feel obligated to always improve our own company but also make the world a better place. Customers all over the world show us their trust by buying an About Vintage watch and we want our customers to know that what they get is not just a beautiful timepiece - they are also buying into a company on a mission to make a better tomorrow for both current and future generations.