We are carbon neutral

The green path

Some day we'll become a brand that leaves absolutely no carbon footprint. While we work towards this, we'll help other climate initiatives along the way. For every order, we offset our entire CO2 emissions by funding UN-verified climate projects.

Our initiatives

We fund UN-verified green projects
We help The Ocean Cleanup in removing plastic from the ocean
We donate and support DHL in their mission to reach zero emissions by 2050
We partner with CHOOOSE and hereby turn all our employees' footprints carbon neutral
 We offset all orders to be carbon neutral by funding UN-verified climate friendly projects
We always strive to improve and develop new products & production methods to lower our carbon footprint

How does it actually work?

We have been calculating how much CO2 is being emitted by our employees, manufacturing, shipping and stores. And then we've rounded up those numbers. That's why we, for every time you buy a watch, offset the order with a 125 kilo CO2 reduction by funding environmental friendly projects carefully selected by CHOOOSE. The programme includes funding wind power projects in Costa Rica and Vietnam and a hydropower project in Laos. These initiatives create the most effective and fastest combat to climate change. 

And actually, a 125 kilo CO2 reduction is more than we need to offset, but that is fine with us. The carbon reduction compensates for the CO2 emitted by the employees at About Vintage, our products and the shipments to all our amazing customers. 


Partnering up with CHOOOSE is just one of the ways we support in combatting climate issues. 

With the introduction of our 1926 AT’SEA Automatic, we initiated our support to The Ocean Cleanup and their mission to remove 90% of the plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. You can read much more about that project here. Additionally, our new nato straps are made 100% from recycled plastic. You can find them here.

And by shipping our orders with DHL, we also support their mission to GoGreen and reach zero emissions by 2050. 

With all of these initiatives, we are saying goodbye to our carbon footprint and hello to a better world.

Choose Chooose

CHOOOSE supports projects that are UN-verified green projects. All projects hold a Gold Standard verification; the strictest and highest standard within the carbon credit system. CHOOOSE is also one of the world’s first providers of carbon removal where CO2 from the atmosphere is captured and stored. The organisation is trusted with handling carbon offset programmes for leading companies such as Norwegian, Heathrow Airport and Santander Bank.

Read more about CHOOOSE right here.